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37 Years in the Industry

Established in 1985, Triune Electronic Systems Inc. (TESI) is a leading Philippine-based technology company pioneering innovations related to Traffic Management, Disaster Preparedness and Electronic Automations. Driven by passion and fueled by our years of industry experience, we are committed to consistently deliver value, quality products and services to our clients.


Our Expertise

Traffic systems

Helping medium and large cities with traffic decongestion while promoting road safety for both motorists and commuters.

electronic automations

Empowering organizations with automated solutions to achieve increased efficiency and enhanced security


Helping communities monitor and establish early
awareness to protect properties and potentially save lives

Our Design Principle


Triune Electronic Systems Inc. abides by its design principles of self-sustainability, innovations, and design excellence. With its seasoned group of engineers and IT professionals, a home-grown traffic control system was developed to tailor fit to the local Philippine environment.

It is known that the road network, and system infrastructure needs in the Philippines are different from other parts of the world. With the company’s vision to empower Filipinos to achieve reduced congestion, increased safety, and take part in developing its home nation, each product and solution is carefully built to address most of the local motorist’s culture and support drivers’ behavior and thereby providing actual “taste” of the Filipino for the Filipinos.