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about the system

Triune Series 9100i Traffic Controllers are powered by an advanced microcontroller to execute its proprietary program through the powerful Triune Quetzal Firmware.

Designed with a neural network structure and the latest technology in computer vision, the Series 9100i controllers operates to analyze real-world environment and adapt to the actual traffic behavior. Furthermore, it is equipped with IP communication facility to report data to our own TARMAC traffic software residing in the traffic command center for monitoring and control.

“The Series 9100I controller is capable for deep visual analysis of objects, to detect vehicles of all types, that work for traffic control as well as other ITS applications” 


Stop, look, and listen to what we can offer

Best of Both Worlds

An adaptive traffic system which seamlessly integrates countdown timers. Who said you can't have both?

Proudly Filipino

No one understands the PH landscape like us. Our world-class products are proudly designed and manufactured in the Philippines

Powerful Software

The TARMAC software makes monitoring and control as easy as 1-2-3


Adaptive System

The 9100i controller recognizes vehicular flow and adjusts the timing of traffic signals to prevent congestion in intersections

Centralized Controls

Any 9100i Controller that forms part of a traffic corridor, can gather sensor information from vehicle sensors allowing smooth traffic flow

Countdown Timer Integration

The 9100i controller utilizes adaptive system data and communicates with Triune’s custom countdown timers to reflect the adjusted countdown time

Interfacing Features

Can accept signals from other equipment or services for interfacing. It can receive high level 220 volts AC, 24 volts AC or DC, 12VDC, and dry contacts

Safety In Operation

Protected by safety fuse and all power supply circuits are properly grounded on one single point, each controller has the ability to transition to safety-mode when the need arises

Secured and Self Reliant

A password protected interface for manual change of schedule, cycle time or the mode of operation of the controller which is crucial for onsite traffic configuration

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